Strangers in the Brain used to be one novel, told in pieces online; now, it’s a collection of many stories being told in many pieces. Micro-updates for the most recent stories happen multiple times weekly. You can read stories in blog form, or in a more reader-friendly format using the Library link.

I also write media criticism pieces, analyzing the movies and books and TV shows that I love (or don’t, depending) whenever I have something interesting to say. Roger Ebert may have been a bigger single influence on my life and inclinations than any fiction writer, so it feels organic to include that kind of writing alongside my fiction.

I am a writer, a former graduate student, a proofreader.

Logo and illustrations by Tim Sebian-Lander -- www.timsebianlander.com

Logo and illustrations by Tim Sebian-Lander.

(If you’re curious about what happened to the old story: It will be regurgitated, in time, in new form and (presumably) a new name. I took the parts I liked best and put them into something else. Maybe you’ll recognize them, eventually.)

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