I made a mobile game. Come play!

GPG IconLife has kept me too busy to update this site with any regularity, but I haven’t stopped working on projects — the latest of which is an Android mobile game, RGBPONG. I used to be into game design back when I was a kid — it was a ton of fun getting back into it to build this app from the ground up. Game development is and isn’t much like writing; maybe I’ll write a piece about that (from my very limited perspective on either).

RGBPONG is a cross between old-school PONG and Simon Says. It’s fast-paced arcade fun — easy to learn and hard to master. Give it a try!

You can find it, play it, review it and share it all in the Google Play Store right now.


There will be more content over here in good time, but in the meantime — enjoy!

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